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Taking action in your school

Every school is different. Respectful relationships education acknowledges this, providing clear implementation steps and tools that are flexible and adaptive so that you can choose actions that are appropriate for your school.

A whole of school approach brings together school leadership, staff, students and families to work through a continuous improvement cycle of planning, implementing and review. The below cycle outlines the steps your school can take to embed respectful relationships education.

Five yellow, filled circles are evenly distributed around a circular line that links them to each other. Each circle contains words describing one step of respectful relationships education implementation.

This five-step cycle will assist your school to:

  • Build your understanding of gender-based violence and violence prevention.
  • Evaluate where your school is at – every school is at a different state in promoting gender equality and respectful relationships.
  • Prioritise and set goals.
  • Implement strategies.
  • Monitor activities and outcomes.
  • The steps in the above cycle are designed to be a continuous quality improvement cycle. We recommended that your school repeat this process annually, embedding it in school processes and culture.

By following this step-by-step process and using the tools and resources to guide you, you can be sure your school understands and prioritises action that will make real and lasting change.

See more tools and resources to support respectful relationships education in primary and secondary schools

Tools and resources
Teenage students sitting on and around a table in a classroom, talking. They are all facing one girl with a pony tail, who is speaking.