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School self-assessment tools for staff and students

Staff self-assessment tools

These documents will help schools create the statements that capture their current practice in respectful relationships education and the opportunities for improvement based on the six components of the whole-of-school approach.

You need to gather data on your school’s current state and undertake a self-assessment to identify strengths and areas for improvement to effectively implement change. An effective whole-of-school approach relies on building your action plan and messages with a deep understanding of the different perceptions, experiences, histories and levels of support of students, staff and families.

Remember that every school begins this work from a different starting point.

Student self-assessment tools

The purpose of the school baseline assessment tool for students is to gain insight and feedback from students about how they believe their school is addressing gender equality and respectful relationships. There are versions for both primary and secondary students.

The results should be used, alongside the staff tool, to inform the development of the school action plan to ensure student voice is captured and embedded in a whole-of-school approach.