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Respectful relationships education toolkit


This Toolkit has been created by Our Watch to support schools in delivering Respectful relationships education, and was developed as part of the Respectful relationships education in schools (RREiS) pilot. 

The RREiS pilot supported 19 schools from across Victoria to embed a whole school approach to Respectful relationships education while also delivering the Department of Education and Training resource, Building Respectful Relationships: Stepping Out against Gender-Based Violence to year 8 and year 9 students.

This Toolkit is not comprehensive or definitive – it is a point in time accumulation of what we know and we continue to improve our evidence. Our Watch, along with education departments, schools and other experts, will continue to expand the Toolkit.

The Toolkit is structured according to the Respectful relationships education annual cycle, with six key steps. In addition to the key steps there is an overview section, which provides the broader context for this important work, and two lists of curriculum resources which will assist you in the delivery of Respectful relationships education. Each section of the toolkit contains further information, templates, resources and guidance that you can use or adapt for your school.

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