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Step 4: Planning and implementing

3 minute read time

Now it’s time to implement your priority actions. Based on your school assessment from Step 3, you will form a plan of action, that includes setting milestones, dedicating resources and agreeing on achievable timelines.

In this step, you will:

  • Identify priority actions, map them across the next year and assign suitable resources and responsibility to ensure accountability.
  • Look at internal school policies and utilise templates and guidance to ensure that you are addressing the gendered drivers of violence.
  • Communicate your priority actions and implementation plan to the wider school community.

Developing an implementation plan

After completing your school’s self-assessments, it’s time to develop an implementation plan, based on the actions you have identified. The action plan maps your priorities over the six elements of the whole-of-school approach. You’ll find that many actions in your plan will support each other. It is also important to consider short and longer-term actions — don’t commit to everything in the first term!

There are a broad range of actions your school can take including developing or reviewing key policies for staff and students, mainstreaming the promotion of gender equality across different learning areas and communicating regularly with the school community.

Before agreeing on your school’s priority actions, it is important to ask:

  • Do these actions respond to the feedback and evidence gathered from members of the school community?
  • Do these actions equally address the needs of staff and students?
  • Are these actions likely to help us create sustainable cultural change in our school?
  • Do these actions align with the goals and strategies in our school’s strategic plan or other overarching planning documents?
  • Are these actions feasible right now?
  • Do we have the knowledge, resources and support systems to undertake these actions?

There are resources supporting every aspect of the whole-of-school approach in Tools and resources.

What's next?

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