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School respectful relationships education commitment statement

A template ‘school public commitment’ statement, aimed at showing your school’s commitment to implementing a whole school approach to respectful relationships education. The commitment text is below, or simply download the Word document as a ready made template.

<School name> is committed to implementing a whole-of-school approach to respectful relationships education.

We recognise that our school is more than a place for young people to learn, our school is also a workplace where all staff deserve to feel respected, safe and valued.

<School name> also recognises that it is an important hub in the community and has the opportunity to lead, influence and contribute to a healthy, safe and respectful community culture, inside and outside the school. 

We understand that:

  • gender stereotypes and gender inequality are one of the leading contributors to family violence 
  • our school can generate lasting changes, as a form of primary prevention, in young people’s attitudes and behaviours today, which can then contribute to addressing family violence. 

As part of this commitment:

  • we all actively promote gender equality and speak out against gender-based violence in our school and in our community in accordance with our school-wide positive behaviour framework
  • school leaders will provide sufficient resourcing, both financial and time, to the implementation of a whole-of-school approach to respectful relationships education
  • we enable student voice and agency in promoting equality
  • all school staff participate in professional learning to build capacity to:
    • plan and implement a whole-of-school approach to promote respectful relationships education
    • deliver respectful relationships curriculum on an ongoing and consistent basis across all year levels
    • enable collaborative interactions to support social change
    • identify and respond appropriately to suspicions, disclosures and incidents of family violence and provide support to impacted school community members.
  • our school will undertake an ongoing, thorough assessment and planning process to identify gaps and limitations in existing culture, policies and practices in gender equality
  • our school utilises and improves mechanisms for staff, students and families to provide feedback on equality in the workplace/school
  • our school will identify and use funding and other appropriate resources to implement key actions to promote gender equality and prevent gender-based violence
  • our school commits to continual improvement and evaluation of respectful relationships education
  • the school will reflect on progress at regular intervals to celebrate success with the school community.

To sign and date:


School Council President/Chair

Student Representative Council