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Appendix 2: Implementation plan template


This template allows you to think and plan for critical components of a prevention project before beginning.

This template is from ‘Putting the prevention of violence against women in practice: How to change the story practitioner’s guide‘ (the Handbook). Find the online version of the Handbook here.

Implementation plans should include:

  • objectives
  • key actions to meet the objectives
  • tasks or activities required for each action
  • timelines
  • who will be leading this action
  • task status, such as: completed, on schedule, behind schedule, cancelled
  • deliverables
  • priority
  • a section for notes and comments can be useful to note any additional considerations.

An implementation plan should reflect the discussions, consultations and planning that has taken place.

An implementation plan allows you to think and plan for critical components before beginning. By detailing all critical steps before starting the project, you can identify the resources required and who is available to assist with this. An implementation plan also allows you to monitor progress and share this with stakeholders.

This is an example of an implementation plan that can be modified to suit the project or strategy that you are working on.

A sample table with black text and orange borders, empty except for column labels.
Empty sample table showing the name of the strategy or initiative and the tracking of objectives/goals of the prevention work. The column headers across read: key action, activity/task, who, when, deliverable, comments, status.

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