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Leadership and commitment

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School leaders who understand respectful relationships education and are committed to driving cultural change are essential in the whole of school approach.

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What does leadership and commitment to respectful relationships education look like?

  • Appropriate financial and staffing resources are allocated to the promotion of gender equality and respectful relationships.
  • A senior member of staff is responsible for ensuring that activities on gender equality and respectful relationships are coordinated in the school.
  • Succession planning and leadership development processes address the specific barriers women face in becoming leaders.
  • Key issues and actions related to gender equality and respectful relationships are incorporated into annual school strategic planning processes.
  • Your school’s Code of Conduct includes a clear statement that all employees, students, parents/carers, volunteers and visitors will be treated with dignity and respect regardless of their sex, gender identity, socio-economic status, cultural background, sexual orientation or level of ability.

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